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Unique Tribal Beaded Earring Tutorial 

What you will need:
Beading wire
seed beads, colors that you love,
two ear hooks
and two beading needles

(this is the beading wire I used)

I got all my seed beads at AC Moore

  1. You need about and one arm lengths of beading thread, as you hold the spool of thread in one hand and hold the end of the thread in the other hand, and stretch your arms out as wide as you can.
  2. Then thread your beading needles
  3. With your right needle add one bead. Then your left needle will go left to right, the right thread will go right to left.

* very important*
add an earring hook before you close the loop

4.         Then on the next row just add one bead until it is as wide as you would like it.

5.   Almost there.. go back with your needle and tapered your rows, then tie a couple knots.
....And your finished 

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